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1 relation of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people [syn: resonance]
2 a feeling of sympathetic understanding [syn: compatibility]
3 sympathetic compatibility [syn: accord]

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From the French rapporter (“to bring back”)



  1. A relationship of mutual trust and respect.
    He always tried to maintain a rapport with his customers.


A relationship of mutual trust and respect




rapport (plural: rapporten)

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For other uses, see Rapport (disambiguation).
Rapport is one of the most important features or characteristics of unconscious human interaction. It is commonality of perspective, being in "sync", being on the same "wavelength" as the person with whom you are talking.
There are a number of techniques that are supposed to be beneficial in building rapport such as: matching your body language (ie, posture, gesture, and so forth); maintaining eye contact; and matching breathing rhythm. Some of these techniques are explored in neuro-linguistic programming. (Main article: Rapport (NLP))
A classic if unusual example of rapport can be found in the book "Uncommon Therapy" by Jay Haley (ISBN 0-393-31031-0), about the psychotherapeutic intervention techniques of Milton Erickson. Erickson developed the ability to enter the world view of his patients and, from that vantage point (having established rapport), he was able to make extremely effective interventions (to help his patients overcome life problems).
Informally, rapport can also refer to a feeling of harmonious connection between people or groups of people.

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accord, accordance, addition, adjunct, affability, affairs, affiliation, affinity, agape, agreeability, agreeableness, agreement, alliance, amenity, amiability, amicability, amity, an in, approximation, assemblage, assent, association, bliss, blissfulness, bond, bonds of harmony, brotherly love, camaraderie, caritas, cement of friendship, charity, chorus, closeness, coherence, coincidence, combination, communion, community, community of interests, compatibility, complaisance, concert, concord, concordance, conformance, conformation, conformity, congeniality, congruence, congruency, congruity, connectedness, connection, consistency, consonance, consort, contiguity, contrariety, cooperation, cordiality, correspondence, dealings, deduction, disjunction, empathy, enjoyableness, equivalence, esprit, esprit de corps, favor, favorable regard, feeling of identity, felicitousness, fellow feeling, fellowship, filiation, frictionlessness, friendly relations, geniality, good graces, good terms, good understanding, good vibes, good vibrations, goodliness, goodness, goodwill, graciousness, happy family, harmoniousness, harmony, homology, identity, intercourse, intersection, intimacy, junction, kinship, liaison, like-mindedness, link, linkage, linking, love, mellifluousness, mellowness, mutual attraction, mutual regard, mutual understanding, mutuality, nearness, niceness, oneness, overlap, parallelism, peace, pleasance, pleasantness, pleasantry, pleasingness, pleasurability, pleasurableness, pleasure, pleasurefulness, propinquity, proximity, rapprochement, reciprocity, regard, relatedness, relation, relations, relationship, respect, self-consistency, sharing, similarity, solidarity, sweetness, symmetry, sympathy, symphony, sync, synchronism, tally, team spirit, tie, tie-in, timing, understanding, uniformity, union, unison, unisonance, unity, welcomeness
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